Tuesday, April 20, 2010

side note

Today one of my 1-2 students came into my 3-4 class to work on some extra credit. He walks into the classroom and says, "Hi Ms. Stuart. How are you today?" Fine. "Are you sure? because I can beat them up if you aren't."


Monday, April 19, 2010

works of art

We have just finished up our clay unit and WOW did my kids make some cool stuff. Two of my students finished early. So I had them each make a bowl for extra credit. They finished that too. They asked if they could work together on another bowl. Sure, but it better be good. And so it is! These two students are a handful and I feel as though they have secret crushes on each other but they both deny it. I think this may prove them wrong....

I really hope I get to keep the bowl....

Another student, who probably has a D or F in the class but does his work (just never turns it in) had this amazing idea for a coil pot. Not exactly a complete coil pot but the idea was just to awesome to say no to.