Friday, March 25, 2011

"booty is better than food"

For the past week I have been subbing for a Freshman English class. Freshman. I don't really need to explain more than that but I will give you the story behind the quote.

We are reading Romeo and Juliet in class. This is not an easy play to read, especially not for high school Freshman. We are reading the play in class and each person takes on a role for that scene. My first class of the day does pretty well. My second class, well the left side of class where no one has a reading part, on the other hand is very distracted. While the students are reading their roles about how Juliet finds out from Nurse that her beloved Romeo has killed her cousin Tybalt and is now banished from the city of Verona (and if you are familiar with the play, these parts are LONG = not the most entertaining coming from Freshman), the left side of the room is passing around one of the Romeo and Juliet books. I am watching it go from student to student, to student, back to original student, to student, across an empty desk to another student. Finally I say something: bring me the book that is oh so entertaining. The kid tries to switch out the book for the other book on his desk. Fine, give me both the books. The kid slowly turns to the desk behind him and tries switching out the book with the book on the desk behind him. Really? You are not that slick. Fine, give me all three books. Then the second to last kid that had the book says, "you can have this one too." That was it for me. I pointed to each student and told them to wait outside. One student threatened to leave so I told him that would result in a referral (even though I was sending them to ACE so they would get a referral anyway). All of this for a book that said, "booty is better than food." WOW.

Did I forget to give them the study guide for their quiz on Wednesday? Yep. I guess they won't do so well.

Did I forget to give them their homework for the weekend? Yep. I guess it is going to be late work now.

I now realize why I enjoy subbing for Senior classes so much.