Wednesday, January 26, 2011

justin bieber

Justin Bieber. I had no idea who this kid was until last year around this time. Girls love Justin Bieber. Boys want to look like Justin Bieber so the girls will love them instead.

I have subbed for this kid who looks like Justin Bieber...well not really looks like Justin Bieber but has the hair cut, hair color and you can't help but laugh at this kid.

The first time I subbed for this kid, let's call him Jake, he kept asking me random questions like:
"How are you doing today, Ms. Stuart?"
"What are you doing this weekend, Ms. Stuart?"
"I would really like to get to know you better, what do you do when you aren't teaching?"
and it goes on and on.

Jake is a nice kid. He means no harm, and I am sure in most classes he gets away with just about anything. I was subbing for a class Jake had the other day and he was so excited to see me again. The class was working on a project individually which gave me some time to sit and drink some coffee. I look up to see how the class was working and there is Jake across the room, winking at me. Now this was not a sly wink, this was a big, yeah you, wink. I burst out laughing. I could not help myself. It was hilarious. Here is this 15 year old kid, who looks like Justin Bieber, winking at me. HILARIOUS!

Now this kid is a nice kid. I was recently injured and one of his classmates is on my sports team, therefore has my phone number. Jake texted me to see how I was doing and wish me well.